[Japanese] I love you very much

Watashi wa anata ga totemo suki desu.  (私はとてもあなたを愛して)

watashi means I
anata means you.
totemo means very or very much.
suki means love or like.
As to desu, there is no English equivalent. Just formal form to add the end of sentence.

wa and ga are particles.
wa indicates that the phrase before it is a subject.
ga indicates that the phrase before it is an object.
totemo totemo‘ just emphasizes totemo itself.

The meaning is,  I love you veeery much.

✿✿✿Additional points to ponder✿✿✿

“love” is “ai (愛)
“to love” is “aisuru (愛する)

I love you can be literally translated as,

aishite imasu (愛しています)
aishiteru (愛してる)
aishiteru yo (愛してるよ)
aishiteru wa (愛してるわ

However, the Japanese don’t say “I love you” as often as Western people do, because of cultural differences.   When they put their feelings into words, it is preferred to use the phrase “suki desu (好きです)”. It literally means, “to like.” “Suki da (好きだ),” “suki dayo” (好きだよ, male speech) or “suki yo (好きよ, female speech)”