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Hidden Paradise

March 21-23, 2009 – Our teambuilding – held at Hidden Paradise. It is a mountain resort located at Brgy. Ilaya San Fernando, Cebu City. If you don’t have a car (hehe) you may reach the place by riding a habal-habal (motorcycle) which will cost you 30 pesos each person. It is about 5 kms. away from the national highway.

hp1 hp2 hp6

It is such a nice place, a place where you can relax and be away from the very busy city for awhile. The place was surrounded by green trees and different plants which gives fresh and cool air. It has 4 pools, there is a 3 feet pool which are good for the kids and for those who can’t swim, i guess, just like me <lol>.

Cebu Spots

MountainView Escapade

February 10, 2009 @ 6.30am… an ordinary rainy morning… just finished our shift for the day and is excited with the rest day. My teammates and i decided to eat in a carinderia near TESDA before going home… however while we were talking… it justcame from nowhere the idea of going out and have some FUN that day… We then decided to go to MountainView (take note it is raining — lol). We travel through a habal-habal (a motorcycle) for additional adventure to reach the top of the mountain. This will cost you 50 pesos per person.

mtview1 mtview2 mtview3

Anyways, MOUNTAIN VIEW NATURE’S PARK is located at Sitio Gorohe, Busay, Cebu City. There is view deck where you can see the entire city view. It is situated near the cool flower gardens of Busay. The park comes with a mini-zoo, accommodations, and canteen.

Cebu Spots

Fun Under the Sun (@Tabuelan)

The old folks if the Municipality of Tabuelan attribute the origin of the town’s name from several sources. In the old days, Batawang River and the locality’s fishing grounds are noted for its plentiful “tabugok,” a kind of octopus. People would refer to this place as “tabugokan” (a native word meaning “the place where tabugok are found”) and through the evolution of words, the place cam to be known as Tabuelan. (From

sunrise angbangka sunset

It is a 5th class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 21,421 people.


My Favez

Would just like to share my fav’rite foods in every fastfood… I know eating in a fastfood is not good to our health… but what can you do if you’re away from home with no personal kitchen… lolz… anywayz, since college i am used with this lifestyle and fudtrip is our hobby (with my friends and roommates)… this may not be too obvious though (physically) but i love to eat yummy foooodz a lot… ^_^

Here is my list:

McDo – chicken with spag, chicken nuggets with fries, cheeseburger, double cheesburger, fries with sundae/cokefloat, quarter pounder

Jollibee – chicken with spag, jollihotdog, fries, peachmango pie, TLC, palabok, frost, shanghia
KFC – chicken with spag (still, ^.^), chicken fillet, funshots, ceasar salad, fries, melts
Pizza Hut – still like their pizza (had their taste that i could not find in any other pizza house)
Greenwich – still pizza (not into it so much), pearl coolers
Chowking – beef chao fan, halo-halo, siomai, shanghai, pancit
Mang Inasal – love their chicken inasal, makes me feel closer to my home sweet home

Kenny Rogers – roasted chicken, love their chicken macaroni salad and muffins
Maxx – love the chicken still (but not the prize, lolz)
Sunburst – chicken… (all time favorite.. lolz)

—–(others )——–
Dunkin Donuts – but anywayz, likes BTC alot, bavarian, and choco wacko .. yummy
StarBucks – just like Frappucino and their cookies.. heheh
Thirsty – fresh fruit salad (someth’n healthy ^.^)
Casa Verde – backribs (yummmm…)

…I like sinigang, shrimps, tinolang manok, dinuguan at puto, adobo
… loves chocolates and cakes a lot as well ^_^
… i know there are a lot on my list but couldn’t think more right now… lolz
… ill just update it when i have time… this post is making me hungry.. grwrwrwrwr