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The Sunrise ☼ ☼ ☼

I’ve always loved watching the sunset.  I remember when I was still in grade school; I sit in the middle of the field and watch as the sun sets.  I just find it so relaxing. It makes me feel great… the day has ended, time for me to rest.

The feeling was even greater after watching the sunrise.  I’ve waited from 4am ’til 6am waiting for the sun to come up.  Seeing the sky changes its color while slowly revealing the big and bright sun.  It’s telling me that there is still hope.  New day is about to start.  It makes me look forward for the day ahead.  It makes me feel happy. 🙂

I guess this is what really sunrise is for.  Giving everyone a chance and hope.  A chance to correct things that gone wrong..  And hope that in every dark sky there is always light. We just need to be patient and have trust on Him.

So, in every day that we see the sun rises, we need to look forward on what we can do for this day. And do not forget to do what you have not done yesterday.  Life is short, let’s enjoy every moment that we have  and make the most of it.

The photos below were taken from Voda Krashna Beach Resort, Alcoy, Cebu.  This is where we held our very first team building with the Global Team.

sunrise  sunrise

sunrise  sunrise

sunrise  sunrise

sunrise  sunrise


30 replies on “The Sunrise ☼ ☼ ☼”

I love the photos my dear Jane.

And to your soulful reflection, i give a praise to your optimism, deep courage that cause you to hope and will to.

These images are so amazing. Did you use a special camera or is it a regular?I just searched where is this place and it is Philippine right? I always love to see the sunrise and sunset back in my home country.It is always gorgeous with red, pink colors. Hope to see them again soon!

We all have a special attachment with our native place. Irrespective of where we go, how we live, we always have a latent wish to go back to the place we belong to. This blog reminded me of my native place. I too have spend my childhood roaming around the beach and having fun with my family and friends. Now far away from that place I can only think of it. The picture of sunrise in this blog really moved me – the sun rising, the sky changing its color, the sea becoming clearer. Just an awesome blog.
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My house is near the beach and to watch sunrise and sunset from there feels so amazing. Everyday stuck in my office I yearn to go back to my house and hear the sounds of the sea and enjoy the beauty of nature. There is nothing more peaceful then watching the sunrise and there is nothing more beautiful then sunset.

You know every morning I get up early to watch the sunrise. It is such a pleasure to watch the sun in its full glory rising and spreading light and vanquishing the darkness. It is the most wonderful time of the day, where everyone is sleeping and only you are awake. The silence is such a welcome change then the usual noisy atmosphere that we have become so accustomed to.

Everything that God made has a greater meaning. Everything symbolize something far more complex then what we assume it to be. Each thing is connected to another and they form this huge cycle of beauty and serenity. All needs to be in perfect sync in order for the universe to be how it is now and it is up to us to maintain that balance by caring not only about each other but also the nature.

It is a really good article. I love the picture that you have posted. They are so wonderful. The first time I read your article I felt really good, it invoked such positive feeling in me that I had to read it again a few more times. The simplicity and the freshness of the articles really blew my mind away.
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It feels so amazing to the eye to watch the sunset.It spreads such a warmth and goodness in your heart and it lets you marvel at your creator and how beautiful he has designed the universe around you.

Great post Jane. I think a sunrise reflects so much beauty and yet it gives us so much to ponder on. Your post brought back memories from one particular vacation where I would walk the beaches early in the morning. Sometimes I would let the waves touch my feet and I would feel the sand rushing out from beneath my feet. Slowly the sun would rise and I would feel that I have witnessed the most beautiful thing in the world.
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You have aptly summarized what goes through someone’s mind when they are watch the sun rise. Your pictures are really good. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Jane.

I am always amazed when I see the sunrise and sunset.It feels so nice and pleasant and it brings a feeling of joy and happiness.Whenever I watch the sunset or sunrise I am so happy and i just cannot imagine how beautiful is my creator when he creates such beautiful things.Thanks for this great post and I just loved reading your article.

Thanks for sharing such wonderful article.The photographs presented in this gallery seems very good and the black and yellow variations can be seen clearly.The sunrise looks so beautiful and it makes the heart filled with joy.Whenever I am upset or troubled I always go to the beach and just keep gazing at the sunset because it lets me forget everything of past and lets me move on.

Sunrise creates good feeling into the heart and it is so pleasant to the eye that it makes us amaze whenever we look at the sunrise and sunset because it looks so beautiful and marvelous.I truly agree with Jeremy that sunrise brings a feeling of hope and it brings about the message that whatever bad happens in life there is always a happy ending and helps one to move forward leaving back all the bad feeling and experiences.

I love to watch the sunrise while it is illuminating the world.It brings a new hope each day and I am always inspired by its beautiful colors and the way it lights up the horizon.I always think how beautiful my creator would look if he has designed such an awesome phenomena.Thanks for sharing such a great article.

Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.It is so amazing to the eye to watch the sunrise and it brings a feeling of joy and warmth in the heart.Also it brings a message of hope and peace.I am always over joyed whenever I watch the sunrise and it helps me to forget all my past failures.

Sunrise brings such a great hope and a feeling of well being.It reminds us that after every failure we can still expect that we will succeed.It has been my greatest motivator and still continues to motivate me.The pics shared looks amazing and i have enjoyed reading your post as always.

I found the article very motivating, the content and photos go very well in expressing the theme of the article. I remember my father saying,’every day comes with a new ray of hope’, and I believe in that till date. I think all our problems have a solution, its just that we need to try and try until we reach the day it gets solved. Thanks for sharing the post.

There comes a point when you need inspiration to carry on. Faced with disappointment from all sides you want to quit, but there is something which is holding you back telling you not to leave. For me that inspiration is a sunrise. Whenever I feel burdened I watch a quiet sunrise by a beach, fills my heart with a lot of hope.
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