Prepaid Load Expiration Extended

A GREAT news to all prepaid subscribers!

Last Friday, NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) released a new set of rules regarding the expiration of prepaid credit. The NTC issued a new Memorandum Circular  extending the validity of prepaid credit.

P10 or less  — 15 days
P11 to P50  — 15 days
P51 to P100 — 30 days
P101 to P150 — 45 days
P151 to P250 — 60 days
P251 to P300 — 75 days
P300               — 120 days

NTC has also required all mobile network operators to provide their subscribers call data records upon request free of charge. The contents of the MC are set to be made public  last Saturday, thus,  telecommunications firms are required to comply with these new rules after 15 days.

This is really a great news for me as i needed a load everytime but does not require much as i only send SMS for important matters (char).  Having a much longer expiration date, this means i could consume my load in a longer span of time and i dont need to reload everytime. 

With this new rules, having a 51 pesos load, i could have this for 30 days already, unlike now, as i needed to have a load at least once a week i load for 25/30 pesos every week and which is only good for 2 days (this means also that i do not have any load in the rest of the days within a week). Thus,  I could really save much with this and will surely have a load everytime. Hurray! ^__^

I’m looking forward for this and for more other great news hopefully in the near future.  lolz



  1. I hate smart/talk n txt! nag load ko ug gaantxt10 july 3, july 4 nag load ko php100, the time na nag expire akong gaantxt nag zero ako balance… grrrrr! sa g check nko ako sent items only 40+ messages ako na sent (gaantxt is 50 msgs) asa na ako 100 na load! yogs! Off topic ko.. hehehe.. tawagan nko smart ugma ug dili nila na tarongon i post ko ni sa tanan nko na blog.. grrrr! twice na jud ni natabo..

  2. heheh.. pag Globe na.. aw ah… hehehe

  3. ,..] is one another must read source on this subject,..]


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