WordPress Installation

Setting up wordpress is really EASY. This article shows the process on how to install wordpress so that you can get started with your blogsite.

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Step-by-step process of installing WordPress .

1. You will need to download the WordPress file from wordpress site.
2. Once downloaded, you will need to unzip/untar the files from your local computer and upload it to your webspace via FTP.
*If you have an ssh access you can upload it directly from the link using wget command.
3. Access your website, ie. http://domain.com in your webbrowser. (Make sure that your domain is pointing in the right directory).
4. You should now have this page.


5. You will then be directed to this page. Click the “Let’s go!” button to get started.


6. Enter your database details. I am using localhost and root as my db username because I am installing it locally. This information might be different with your current host. You may contact them if you are not sure with it.


7. After your db details had been submitted you may now run the installation.


8. Enter your Blog Title and your e-mail address to start the installation.


9. You will then be prompted with a Username and Password. Then click on “Login” button to get started with your blog.


10. Enter your Username and Password.


11. If you are having trouble with the password generated by WordPress, you may change your password here.


And enter your desired password.


12. This is what your Dashboard will look like. You will manage everything here for your blogsite
13. You may also change the title of your blog and some settings by going to Settings > General.


14. If you wish to change your Theme, click on Appearance at the left navigation and click on Theme. If you wish to have more choices for your available themes, you may download from Free Themes and upload it inside wp-content > themes folder.


15. And to create your first post. Click Posts > Add new from the left navigation bar. Enter the title and content of your post and hit “Publish” button to make it online.




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