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Guimaras Island : Land Tour

We’ve known Guimaras as the Mango Capital of the Philippines.  The island is not only famous for producing the sweetest mangoes now but have been known to their white sand beaches and historical sites.  This small island can be found between Panay and Negros island.

guimaras island map

So, how did we get there? Iloilo is one of the most accessible cities if you want to go to Guimaras. Once you are in Iloilo may it be by air or by sea go to Ortiz Wharf (for those going to Jordan) and for those going to Parola Wharf (Buenavista entry). For this trip, we went to Ortiz Wharf and took a pumpboat bound for Jordan.  Travel time is 15-20 minutes only.

If you are like us, who traveled with no plans, no itinerary or any contacts, no need to worry.  At Jordan Wharf, just drop by at their tourism office. You can register and ask for an assistance for free.  They can provide you your itinerary and give you a guide.  Here are some photos of our trip.

The Smallest Plaza
Yes, it is indeed a very small plaza.

smallest plaza

San Lorenzo Windmill Farm
There are more windmills here, I just don’t have the photo. Sorry 🙁

guimaras windmill

Holy Family Hills

holy family hills guimaras holy family hills guimaras holy family hills guimaras holy family hills guimaras holy family hills guimaras

Trappist Monastery

Trappist Monastery

Guisi Lighthouse

Guisi Lighthouse Guisi Lighthouse

Mango Pizza
The sweetest pizza I’ve tasted. 

mango pizza

Alubihod Beach
Our last stop, where we spent our night. 

alobijod beach alobijod beach alobijod beach

We stayed in Alobijod Cove. The service was good, the staffs are friendly and approachable. Just a few things to take note, make sure though to order your food ahead of time. The water in the shower and faucet were salty so we have to buy some distilled water.  Also, don’t expect a long shore line here. 🙂 Despite of these, we had a good overnight stay.

That’s basically it. We had a land tour for around 6 hours, had an overnight stay at the beach and went home in the morning the next day.  And before going back home, of course, we did not forget to buy the sweetest mangoes for pasalubong.

guimaras mango


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