Team Trip to Blue Reef

Blue ReefBlue Reefdsc001061Blue Reef

Blue Reef Resort is located in the Island of Mactan, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu. Last May 1, 2009, our team (D’TACTICS) decided to chill and relax at Blue Reef. As it was a holiday (Labor Day), the resort was fully booked lucky for us as our teammate went early (at 6am) we got the last cottage. The cottage costs 800Php which is good for 12 persons.

The view is good and a nice place to relax because of the cool breeze of the sea. There are 2 slides where you can glide to reach the very cold water. The best place to cool your self from the heat of the sun.

The Team

It is a very good place for families, two of our teammates brought their babies which really enjoyed a lot swimming in the cool water of the sea. The fun would not be complete of course without the foods, we had 5 kilos of grilled porkchop, sinugbang isda and lechon manok with the bam-e of Ajs ate and a 150 pieces of puso’. We were all full but we still got a lot of foods left. As what they say “mas mayo na magsobra dili lang magkuwang”. <lol>


This is another place that I had visited that is surely added in my list for the great places to visit here in Cebu. ^_^



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