I actually cannot think of much details regarding this trip but what i could say is we really had fun.  We went to Rockwalled Beach Resorts.  It was surely a nice place as the water is very clear. There is a small cave where the salty and unsalty water met.  By the way, Rockwalled is located at Coro, Dalaguete, Cebu.  You can reach the place by riding a bus in South Bus Terminal.  The trip will take around an hour and a half from Cebu City.

It is also a very affordable place, i think our room is around 1.3K Php and it is already good for 6 person. It is air-conditioned with TV.  There is also a gas range and a refrigerator but you will need to pay extra if you wish to use these.

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  1. A nice and affordable place.


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