MountainView Escapade

February 10, 2009 @ 6.30am… an ordinary rainy morning… just finished our shift for the day and is excited with the rest day. My teammates and i decided to eat in a carinderia near TESDA before going home… however while we were talking… it justcame from nowhere the idea of going out and have some FUN that day… We then decided to go to MountainView (take note it is raining — lol). We travel through a habal-habal (a motorcycle) for additional adventure to reach the top of the mountain. This will cost you 50 pesos per person.

mtview1 mtview2 mtview3

Anyways, MOUNTAIN VIEW NATURE’S PARK is located at Sitio Gorohe, Busay, Cebu City. There is view deck where you can see the entire city view. It is situated near the cool flower gardens of Busay. The park comes with a mini-zoo, accommodations, and canteen.

I like the place, the view is spectacular, and it is really a nice place to visit with your friends and family. We really had fun despite with the weather condition; it was cold and foggy (as u could notice with the pictures)

mtview9 mtview7 mtview6  mtview8 mtview4 mtview5



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