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Camotes Island: One of a Place

I had been in Camotes 3 times and I may say I had the best and worst experience in the island.  My first visit to Camotes was last June 2010.  I was with my housemates and Jireh’s mom and sis.  The experience was great except for the place where we stayed.  That was the only place which had vacant rooms (no wonder). All others resort were fully booked.

One of the best places were the Timobo Cave, Santiago and Mongodlong Resorts and the Lake Danao.

santiago-beach  lake-danao  lake-danao

My second visit to Camotes was last September 2011, that was one of the MAT Engineer’s monthly activity and a celebration as well for my day. ^___^ This was the best of the best.  I can’t say anything on this trip, but simply amazing.  The place that we stayed was great.  I forgot the name of the resort but it was private one and I don’t think they still accommodate customers this time. We also went to Timobo cave, Mongodlong and Santiago bay.  Yes, these are really a must visit place when you go to Camotes.


santiago-beach  santiago-beach



Last May 2012 was my third visit to Camotes.  Hmmm. I wonder if I can still go next year.  I just realized that I had been on this place every year.  Lolz! But if I ever go back to this place again, definitely it will not be on  summer (April-May).  As this was the worst experience I ever had.  I won’t go on the details as its better not to remember what had happened. But still let’s look at the brighter side the OE team had spent time together with the managers and Tl’s.  And we had FUN.



Team OE

And, yes, though I had a not so good experience in Camotes I will still go back to this place.  It is a great place to relax and unwind.  A great place to escape from all the pressures and stress in the city.  Just choose the best place to stay and time to visit.  ^_____^

By the way, thanks for my friend Lala for reminding me to make a post for this one. 

FACTS: One popular story says that centuries ago when the Spaniards first arrived, they encountered some native islanders farming whom they asked about the island’s name. The natives thought they were asking them what they were putting in their baskets. They replied, “Camote.” Thereafter the islands were called the “Camotes Islands.”

The Camotes Islands are a group of islands that form part of the province of Cebu, in the Philippines. The island group is located east of Cebu Island, southwest of Leyte Island, and north of Bohol Island.

The Camotes is composed of the following four islands and their municipalities:

  • Municipality of Poro
  • Municipality of Tudela
  • Municipality of San Francisco (also known as Pacijan)
  • Municipality of Pilar (also known as Ponson)

From Cebu, the best way to get to the island is via Danao City which is 27 kilometers due north of Cebu. There you can take a roro (roll-in roll-off) boat.  The fare is 200 Php with a 2-hour travel.


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Your pictures have come out so well. They speak about the beauty of this island. I would love to go there, so if you could please brief me more upon the travelling part. I know this one place, Goa in India which has beautiful beaches and resorts and looking at your pictures, i recollected my trip to Goa.

I had heard of this story when I went to Philippines last year. Initially I was amazed why they are called Camotes Island. But I had tasted some fantastic delicacies made of the sweet potatoes, So I was quite sure that the name of the island is related to the sweet potatoes.

You must have surely enjoyed the beauty of the place with the beach and the resort. Never heard about this island, but through your post got to know alot about it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. I soon wish to go there and share my experience too.

The last time I visited Camotes, I stayed at the Mangodlong Paradise. Might I say, I had a very pleasant and memorable stay. Camotes Island is so chilled out and lovely, it’s a great place to take a break and unwind from all the brouhaha of everyday life. The beaches at Camotes Island are so pristine, it’s beautiful. You can just sit there and stare at the water, all day! I’m definitely looking forward to visiting once more!

Camotes Island is just plain beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed my last visit there. The place has such a relaxed and chilled out vibe, it makes you want to forget everything and just enjoy! Everything is so scenic and laid-back, it makes for a perfect getaway as well as some business cum leisure trip. It’s one of those places; I guess I’ll never get sick of visiting!

I have been to Camotes islands and it is a very bright and happening place to go with friends or family for an outing. The islands have a lot to give when it comes to adventure and fun. It also serves us with nature and environmental beauty along with some really good food.

Camotes does sound like an amazing place to visit. I haven’t heard much about it in terms of tourist destinations and that’s what makes it all the more deserving of a visit. Since I don’t enjoy places that are hounded by chaotic tourists all the time, I’m all the more happy. I looked up for pictures of the place, in addition to the pictures you have already shared. Camotes Island is just beautiful. The place is so clean, scenic and the beaches are so pristine. I cannot wait for my getaway trip to Camotes Island. Thanks for such a helpful post.

The place looks amazing. I have to say your pictures are really good. Camotes Islands is definitely going on my ‘places-to-visit’ list. It seems like a place where you just want to relax and rejuvenate yourself before returning to the hustle-bustle of the city. It does indeed look a wee bit like Goa in India. Thanks for the tip of not visiting the islands in summer. I’ll definitely keep that in mind before planning my visit.

Hey Jane the pics are really great, I hope you had a great time there. I was wondering to go somewhere I haven’t been earlier, and I must thank you as I have got the place. Guess what I am visiting Camotes, the pics in the post are too attracting and looking at the beach and the beautiful sky I can’t hold myself back for long.

Its really interesting how you get the good and the bad experiences from one single place. maybe its because you visited Camotes island thrice and that is why you got all the experiences otherwise whenever we go to a new place we either get the good ones or the bad ones.

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