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A Trip to Boracay

My first post after 3 years. Yeah…! I’m still alive. I have reasons why I’m keeping this blog.  Ahaha! Anyways, it’s good to be back.  This post has been loooong overdue.  Still, I wanted to share this here as it is one of the memorable trips I had. Here it goes…

My boyfriend and I decided to celebrate our birthday in Boracay.  I was staying in Cebu and he is in Negros. We booked a flight from Cebu to Boracay.  However, due to some unfortunate events we missed our flight.  So, we decided to travel by land.

> Cebu to Toledo via Van (in Citilink) – 2 hours
> Toledo to San Carlos City (Fast Craft) – 45  minutes
> San Carlos to Bacolod (via Don Salvador) – 2 hours

Unfortunately (again), when we arrived at the pier in Bacolod we did not catch the last trip of the fast craft.  So we stayed for the night in Bacolod and decided to catch up for the first trip to Ilo-ilo in the morning.  When we arrived in Ilo-ilo, we went straight to Tagbak terminal and ride a van to Caticlan.  Then, went to Jetty Port to ride a ferry to Boracay island.  It took us a total of 6 hours travel.  It was like we were on an island hopping, from Cebu – Negros – Ilo-ilo – Boracay.  It was a little tiring but for a person who loves to travel by land you would surely enjoy it. 🙂

We finally arrived in Boracay.  We checked in at our hotel.  We stayed in La Carmela De Boracay.  I first liked the place as they are located in the middle which makes very accessible to the stores and restaurants. But then I realized, it’s too crowded.  It would be a good place to those who love to party. It’s not for those who wanted to relax and unwind.  But hey, I just want to see Boracay.  Also, the thing that we did not like in La Carmela was the noise.  There are a lot of guests though it was off-peak season and are really noisy.  Though our over-all stay there was ok, good enough for our budget. 🙂

I would be honest I was a little disappointed with the beach. Maybe because we were in station 2?  Maybe station 1 is much better? Or maybe because it’s not summer?  I don’t know but for what I saw Cebu’s beaches are much nicer especially those in the southern part.  The sand though, yeah, finally I’ve touched the famous powder-like sand of Boracay.



And not to forget the much awaited sunset in Boracay.  It was beautiful.

boracay  boracay_heart  boracay1

And what I love most on this trip…? It was being with the person I love ♥♥♥…


Will I still go back to Boracay? Definitely, yes.. but I would prefer to go on plane next time.  🙂


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