I think I’m in love! ♡♡♡

I think I’m in lve with Samsung Galaxy Ace (S5830).

It has a 3.5-inch display and offers an 800Mhz processor, Wi-Fi, and Swype for its virtual keyboard. And with its rectangular shape and chrome edge, it even looks a bit like the iPhone.


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iPod Shuffle

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•Music is Life!•*¨*•.¸¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

Can you imagine life without music? (◑﹏◐) ………….Whew!…

I also remember our neighbor here that plays his music very loud.  We can feel the beat of the stereo in our room.  And he does this everyday at around 5 in the morning.   At times its quite annoying, however, you can do nothing but just go with the beat.  HeHeHe… So much with the intro (lolz)…

I found another way so that I could always listen to music anytime without discharging my cellphones’ battery. I’ve always wanted this but find it very expensive.  Thanks to my last pay on my online job I was able to buy the world’s smallest music player — the Apple Ipod Shuffle.  The blue one.


Eat All You Can

New Entry in Hot-Espresso.  ^__^


My Favez

Would just like to share my fav’rite foods in every fastfood… I know eating in a fastfood is not good to our health… but what can you do if you’re away from home with no personal kitchen… lolz… anywayz, since college i am used with this lifestyle and fudtrip is our hobby (with my friends and roommates)… this may not be too obvious though (physically) but i love to eat yummy foooodz a lot… ^_^

Here is my list:

McDo – chicken with spag, chicken nuggets with fries, cheeseburger, double cheesburger, fries with sundae/cokefloat, quarter pounder

Jollibee – chicken with spag, jollihotdog, fries, peachmango pie, TLC, palabok, frost, shanghia
KFC – chicken with spag (still, ^.^), chicken fillet, funshots, ceasar salad, fries, melts
Pizza Hut – still like their pizza (had their taste that i could not find in any other pizza house)
Greenwich – still pizza (not into it so much), pearl coolers
Chowking – beef chao fan, halo-halo, siomai, shanghai, pancit
Mang Inasal – love their chicken inasal, makes me feel closer to my home sweet home

Kenny Rogers – roasted chicken, love their chicken macaroni salad and muffins
Maxx – love the chicken still (but not the prize, lolz)
Sunburst – chicken… (all time favorite.. lolz)

—–(others )——–
Dunkin Donuts – but anywayz, likes BTC alot, bavarian, and choco wacko .. yummy
StarBucks – just like Frappucino and their cookies.. heheh
Thirsty – fresh fruit salad (someth’n healthy ^.^)
Casa Verde – backribs (yummmm…)

…I like sinigang, shrimps, tinolang manok, dinuguan at puto, adobo
… loves chocolates and cakes a lot as well ^_^
… i know there are a lot on my list but couldn’t think more right now… lolz
… ill just update it when i have time… this post is making me hungry.. grwrwrwrwr