A Collection of Funny Math Answers

Many of you might had seen these pictures before, but I am still gonna post this as I find it really funny.  For those who have not seen it yet, then better check it out.   An office mate had forwarded me an email with these before and I just added more pictures that I found also through the web.  Just click on the images to view it.  Enjoy!

Sorry but I don’t know where these pictures came originally.



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    That was a very cleaver answer!

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    This looks a lot like the homework accomplished by my son who has both dyslexia and ADHD. Patience, patience, patience …

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    To be honest with you these holidays were a little sad for me as I spend Christmas alone. However, your collection made my day happy!! There are just funny. I am engineer, so looking at those answers really made my day.

    Thanks :)

    Happy Holidays.

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    Really funny math collection here. I myself like mathematics. But I never knew such funny things. Really made me lough in the boring working life.

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    great! glad to hear that…

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    These are very funny. I have seen them before but they still crack me up. There is another one where the test has a problem and ask the student to “find X” So of course the student circled “X” and said “There it is right there!” Definitely shows creativity.

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    All were clever and funny… seen some pics before but hadn’t seen some…!!

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